Just creepy

Max obsessed about how badly he wanted to go home. But he had no money to travel and refused to consider leaving the faithful Bella behind. So he took casual work with a family that happened to run a marijuana operation as a lucrative sideline. It wasn't much, but it earned him a barn stall where they could sleep, a ration of timothy to feed Bella's equine tastes, and a few guaraníes a day to feed his.

Although he'd rescued them from the roadside, Lenore didn't like Max at all. She had hoofed him from the van after the first night.

"He's just creepy," she said, over and over, whenever he wasn't around.

Callie, during a rare appearance with Furlonger, nodded agreement and disapproval, sticking out her tongue even further than usual. This pleased Milo, which aggravated Callie even further.

"I kind of like it here," he said, allowing a subtly scheming, vacuously-addled smile to play across his face. "I could just stay here forever!"

"After everything I've done for you! you really need to be careful what you wish for!" Callie pouted, crossed all eight of her blue arms, and faded from sight.

Max spent his spare time hanging around the laundry van, bumming booze and food. He accidentally caught Lenore and Milo making the two-backed beast on far more than one occasion. This pleased Max. It enraged Lenore.